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MILLION is a Copenhagen-based brand established to create iconic design using high quality materials and exacting production methods. Focused on a rigorous approach to design in order to create distinctive furniture, lighting and design objects, MILLION is a contemporary brand catering to the international interiors and professional markets.

MILLION upholds the Scandinavian design tradition defined by human scale and functionalism. The collection embodies an explicit aesthetic, unparalleled materials, and stringent production principles – all combined to create a premium finish. The result is pieces that will be part of a home’s everyday living for generations to come.

Founded in mid-2015, MILLION unites the talents of its co-founders Jens Kajus and Claus Jakobsen, who collaborate with a carefully selected group of like-minded designers and architects to innovate new products, all of which are conceived in Copenhagen in collaboration with manufactures in Denmark and Sweden.


Sometimes design invites you on a voyage of discovery. A journey where the surroundings at first glance seems straightforward but when inspected more closely reveals hidden details that transform the landscape into an adventure. That’s the essence of MILLION. Our designs are classic yet contemporary. They are created on a playground where geometric shapes are interwoven with graphic details, architectonic expressions, and original solutions. 


Design from MILLION is honest. It has an international outlook and a clear expression intuitively understandable in pure, high-quality materials such as marble, glass, leather, high-quality textiles, steel, and wood.

According to MILLION, a design must be simple and stringent, based on the classic motto of form following function. Since 2015 MILLION has insisted that aesthetics and functionality are two sides of the same coin. The goal of success is creating a collection rich in details that blend effortlessly into various contexts and work well in the company of iconic furniture. 

The idiom is Nordic but equally inspired by American, Japanese, German, and Dutch influences from the early twentieth century. And the mandatory motto is: ´the last 5% count 100%’. Compromising on detail and quality is not an option. 

MILLION is an in-house design studio based in Copenhagen. The design philosophy is shaped by modernist inspiration and Scandinavian humanism. As a result, the collection reflects recognizable references and incorporates modern technology, smart materials, and a contemporary color scheme. 

It’s furniture and lighting at the intersection of cozy homely settings and functional office, hotel and restaurant interiors. All designs are produced in Denmark and Sweden, and all suppliers are hand-picked locally in Europe.

MILLION was founded by Jens Kajus and Claus Jakobsen. Two experienced trained designers with very different careers. But when combined, the synergy between their professional skills sets and networks makes all the sense in the World. Two targeted entrepreneurs with an ambition to build an international design brand. 

MILLION must at all times be a creative playground. The collection is designed in-house by the founders. MILLION also invite skilled, like-minded designers and colleagues to contribute from year to year to develop and complement the collection further.



MILLION is a pragmatic design studio that collaborates on larger projects with architects and interior designers. For that same reason, the collection is never set in stone, and at MILLION, we love the challenge of developing our designs to fit advanced customized solutions.   

  • Jens Kajus

    Designer I CEO I Founding Partner

    After graduating from The Danish Design School – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1996, Jens Kajus co-founded the awarded design and branding company, e-Types and Playtype Type Foundry. During his 17 years at e-Types before starting MILLION, Jens developed award winning visual identities, typefaces, and branding concepts. Also, Jens and Claus designed most of the furniture at the e-Types design offices together.

  • Claus Jakobsen

    Designer I Product Director I Founding Partner

    After graduating as a wood craftsman in 2000, Claus Jakobsen went to The Danish Design School – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts where he graduated from the Furniture Design line in 2005. He spent the next seven years working for HAY overseeing design and production at the HAY design office. Before founding MILLION, Claus joined Muuto in 2012 as Design & Product Manager where he extended his expertise in design, sourcing and logistics. · T +45 2876 2605

  • Katrine Green

    Sales Office Manager | Partner



  • Terkel Skou Steffensen

    Guest Designer

    Danish designer Terkel Skou Steffensen graduated as a design student from ECAL in  Switzerland in 2016. He worked for HAY as an inhouse designer and currently runs his own studio. He strives to create design for everyone rather than the few. He is interested in designing products that people can relate to, and easily integrate into their homes. “Design for me doesn’t have to be innovative – I like to draw references to classic design and reinterpret it from my own point of view.”