Creating Spaces


In the series ‘Creating Spaces’, Million visit people who have created their own office, studio, home or workspace but, most important of all, their own personal space.




Studio Visit


Søren Rønholt

Photographer and Artist



Could you describe the place?

“The place I cramped with stuff, so we installed a lot of big industrial shelving systems to keep a little track of it. It also gives the studio a simple look. I guess you could call it aesthetically industrial.”

“It is a creative place where people paint and hammer. It is a place where there must be room for that kind of unfoldment, but it must also be a place where people feel comfortable. Customers need to feel safe and in good hands.”


What’s the story of the place?

“It is an old bakery that was closed during World War II. When we took over, a big tree in the basement had grown up through the roof. It had been deserted for a very long time. It has only just been completely renovated.”


What does the place mean to you?

“We only moved in a year ago, but it means something to me because it's my friend who made it happen. We had been looking at it for many years, and we had been crawling around the ruin many times dreaming about how great it could be. Then my friend bought it and has spent a very long time renovating it.”


Which elements are essential to making you feel comfortable when entering a room?

It’s a crucial thing to have a host. That’s what makes me feel in safe hands. You can enter the world’s most excellent and beautiful restaurant but if there is no host, then it dies.”


How is this reflected here?

“I try to be a good host. This is important, especially in my line of work. I always make sure to introduce everyone and explain what role the different people have in what is going to take place. It creates security. I have chosen a high table, to make us and our customers stand up or sit on bar stools when we have meetings. It is the centre of the studio. It is almost impossible to be passive when standing. Many warned me against doing so, but it has proven to be a good idea. When people sit in a comfortable chair or on a sofa, they tend to lose focus and get passive.”


What does aesthetics mean to you?

It’s a double-edged sword. Aesthetics is basically pure form, but if it’s without content, then it becomes uninteresting. Therefore, beauty does not exist in form alone. It must contain some sort of substance. But a very beautiful thing may grow a soul over time. One must be careful with when using the term aesthetics.”


How do you use the space?

It’s used as a workshop. We work with photos, frames, and prints. In that sense, it’s a workplace. It’s a place where there must be room for artistic expression in every aspect. But I imagine that a photo workshop filled with beautiful pictures etc. has an instant calming effect on people. There is also a built-in calmness when working with wood and print, which makes people feel safe; otherwise, I would not be successful as a photographer.






Søren Rønholt (b. 1969) is a visual artist having photography as his principal media.
Thematically, Rønholt’s work is characterized by a fascination with the immanent drama.
A trait and a trademark you notice in both his person portraits and his photographic tableaus of landscapes and urban Badlands.




Smallegade, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark.


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